Found In The Forest

by Animal Eyes

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released November 9, 2011

Recorded, Mixed & Produced by Frank Gutta.
Mastered by Gus Elg
Special thanks to: Oceana Wills (Violin: Goat Chasing), Akina Kashiwaya (Vox: Sunman), Skyler Hamler (creative drum input: Goat Chasing), Frank & Anna, our beloved friends, and family.



all rights reserved


Animal Eyes Portland, Oregon

Psychedelic/Weird Pop/Globe Trotters


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Track Name: Leaves
Always happy to leave
to ride out chasing your dreams
it feels good you've grown to be free
oh, let's pick up and leave

'cuz I am never sold on where I have to go

Searched ourselves to run out the thieves
the beauty is to know what you need
like pollen and its partner the bee
they never have to pick up and leave
Track Name: Our Fields, Finally Sleep
There you are in the tree
naked leaves in the canopy
In the field, our field, honest work
leads our better thoughts
In you, I am breathing heavily
In you, you are breathing heavenly
I understand why I'm in this reality

Our skin, our bones, our flesh
Will do what they know is best

Dirt lives, seeds sow, bare fruit, family grows
Shade us while we work, I'll give back what I took
A bed of leaves under me, you'll see how much it's worth
Wrapped around our work, harvest work, 'till autumn's done
Now we sleep, hard sleep, hard souls calloused deep
I'll show you fields where we'll enter invisibly

Younger girls, turn wiser men,
turn skeleton, will die and their,
younger boys, turn wiser girls,
turn skeleton, will die then still be
(I watch the time go by)
Track Name: Ponds
Whisper I whisper a sound
falls out my mouth with a slur.
Boating the ripples at dawn
dive in the depths of the pond.
Its true I've been wanting a dream
I've lost touch since the last one it seems.
Dive in the depths of the pond
forgetting how the cold grips the lungs
forgetting the leaks in the hull
forgetting that hesitation is all.

Take my lame obsessions to the lake
There's no wish that I would rather make

Cold clean and dark my mind is cold clean and dark
my mind is well

It's true I've been swimming in the morning
Cold and dark it turns golden with the morning
Track Name: Mezmin
Wonder forever child
your better than we'll ever be
and our youthful blundering
it's gonna be fun for a while
think about it just a little
makes me feel good every time

how lucky it is to be
to live in this place of plenty
how lucky we all are to be

don't think you've got it all wrong
just stop and let it go
throw away wanting,
it's easy to sit around all day
play out

when the air gets quite bitter
discomfort coming in fast
I'll be wishing it was simple
like an old man caught in the past
I'll be wishing i was with you
like an old man trapped in the past

How luck it is to be
to live in this place of plenty
how lucky we are all to be
Track Name: Goat Chasing
I wish I had a name you knew
I've changed it but it always ends up the same
why can't i just have a few...a few
I don't see what everybody else got to get it
If we were meant to woa!

The monkey has a back, a brand new back
I wonder where we will go next once he's back on my back
It's time to break your ghost (your ghost)
You won't hear them whispers in your head
You don't have to be the stranger in the remainder

It's time to break your ghost
I'm poor but if I had to choose I would stay
Because it's more real to have friends that paper anyway
There's more of us
There's more of us
Track Name: Sweet Eyes
oh mama, sweet eyes mama
give me both your eyes so I can see
Oh satan, so low satan
Give me all your fire 'cuz here it's cold
Oh heaven, so high heaven
give me all your gold 'cuz here I'm broke

Taste the bitterness my sweat
Taste the ashes of my bones
We're all soaring over head
like shattered thoughts of crazy man
who tries to speak but runs away
say he can not think today
So why do I feel like a dog
with no eyes, no ears, no tail
running circles through the trash
of corrupted politics and cash

Oh mama, sweet eyes mama
you can keep your eyes 'cuz I can see
Oh satan, so low satan
you can keep your fire 'cuz here it's hot
Oh heaven, so high heaven
you can keep your gold 'cuz here I'm free

Oh, what a beautiful mistake
Track Name: You Saw
You were talking around
Until it spilt over
But i didn't see how
You pulled me under
Like the way
I've become so much older
It tickles my mind
As your words become softer
It tickles my mind

Like the joys of getting older
And it tickles my mind
From the inside

You saw that I saw
You saw my mind

All this sleeping around
Is just feeding my hunger
Cuz how can I
Keep on staying sober
When i'm getting
Drunk off of your words
And it tickles my mind
'Cuz' of the difference in culture
And it tickles my mind
That there's a war for your birth
Track Name: Howlin
There's a howling in my lungs
I feel inspired when I'm done.
Convinced I'm not an animal
its a shame I'm tamed at all.

Full moon full light charmed by the light
Full moon full light farmed by the night

Boredom snares us like a trap
its sinks its rusted teeth in me.
I'm chewing off my leg caught in its teeth
my soul feels better when I'm free.
Farmed I am like all the rest
I drink the milk of mothers breast.
So why do I feel the urge to breath
an honest breath thats earth in me.

Filled with light like the ocean's moon filled night
makes my hair stand up on my neck I breath I breath(feels nice)
Track Name: Sun Man
I hope to be the sun that dries up your rain
from the ground and up I'll turn you into a cloud
so everybody could see that you're up here
but it won't be enough my warmth just won't last

All we have, all we have are our lights now
'cause we watched a single man watch his heart fade out